Install the old version of Tweetdeck (0.38.2)

March 2, 2012 – 9:42 AM
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I have tried the newer versions of Tweetdeck (now owned by Twitter themselves) and I just do not like the look and feel of it.  I would much rather have the old look back but unfortunately there’s no “Revert to Classic Tweetdeck” option.  I also tried Seesmic Desktop 2 and could not find myself liking that one either.  I mean, come on, what good is a Twitter client without a “Reply” option?

I found the original version of Tweetdeck before Twitter ruined it (version 0.38.2) and am making it available to anyone else who may feel the same way as I do.


You will also need Adobe Air if you do not have it installed:


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  2. viollaa… thank bro, you save my deck :p


    By dan on Mar 27, 2012

  3. No problem. Enjoy!

    By manunkind on Mar 27, 2012

  4. You are the man!!! I kept getting “unable to connect” errors with the *NEW* TweetDeck app, which was totally ticking me off. This post saved me tons of trouble. Thanks!

    By NRG on May 22, 2012

  5. Wow, man, thanks a lot!

    You know, I was just at Paul Tobey seminar where he discussed the sad fact that TweetDeck was bought out by Twitter and then turned into a pile of mush. He is Canada’s top Internet Marketing & Social Media trainer, and he uses and recommends we all use the OLD version of TweetDeck that you ever-so conveniently have. 🙂

    I admit to never understanding why successful companies buy out products that were very useful in working with their platform (and others) and then proceed to butcher them. Why pay money for something if you’re going to ruin it?

    Maybe someone can explain here the marketing or business logic. I do not understand it. However, I guess that is not important for today. What is important is that this old version of TweetDeck is available.

    Long may it live!

    Thanks for this valuable service, and I hope this page stays up on Google for a long, long time.

    By Lance M. on Sep 11, 2012

  6. Thanks! I like this version because you send your tweet to all your accounts in once!

    By Laurant on Nov 27, 2012

  7. No problem, everybody. It will always be here and available to all who wants it.

    By manunkind on Nov 27, 2012


    By fauzan on Dec 16, 2012

  9. Hi,
    So happy to see this post. I had uninstalled the old version to install the new version. Then realized how useless the new version is. However, I am unable to download from this link. When I extract files, there is no ‘install’ folder. I am not very technical but I did show it to our IT technician. I understand that you had posted this in March last year, is it still good?
    Appreciate your help,

    By Rukhsana Khan on Jan 8, 2013

  10. Rukhsana,

    Tweetdeck (this version) is an Adobe Air application and Air will need to be installed first. Download link is included in the article.


    By manunkind on Jan 8, 2013

  11. I keep trying to re install the older version and I get an error that windows cannot access the specified device, path,or file.You may not have the appropriate permission to access the file

    By Krisa on Jan 30, 2013

  12. Krisa,

    What version of Windows? Are you an administrator?

    By manunkind on Jan 31, 2013

  13. Thanks mate…

    By Fred on Mar 19, 2013

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