Twitter users warned of new phishing scam

May 21, 2009 – 6:28 PM

Security experts are warning Twitter users of a new phishing scam that could lead to their accounts being compromised.

The typo-squatting site, which was discovered by Rik Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro, has been set up by phishers to look like Twitter, although the URL uses only two ‘t’s and replaces the ‘w’ with ‘vv’ ( to make it appear authentic.

“Please don’t visit this site,” wrote Ferguson on Trend Micro’s official blog. “It has been designed to harvest credentials, and is currently directing users (through intermediate fake personal web sites and using URL shortening services) to sites hosting euphemistically titled ‘Adult Dating Services’ by automatically adding followers to the compromised accounts.”

Those who are conned into handing over their account details will find new account followers who post links in their profiles redirecting users to adult dating sites.

“These sites make the scammers money in the process through a pay-per-click affiliate scheme,” said Ferguson. “The URLs concerned are under ongoing analysis for malicious content. Please do not feel tempted to visit them, even out of curiosity.”


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