TwitterCut – Twitter’s Newest Phishing Scam

May 27, 2009 – 5:28 AM

If you see some tweets in your stream that say: “OMG I just got over 1000 followers today from” — don’t be fooled, it’s a scam.  The link takes you to a website that will prompt you for your Twitter login information.  Once it has stolen your credentials, it will post the same message to your account to try and get your followers to click the link as well.

The sad news is that it appears to have worked well.  Check out this Twitter search:

The site has since been shutdown with the following note:

We Shutdown

FYI: According to several social network blog sites TwitterCut has been the bud of several rumours! Our website and its programmers can assure you that these rumours are not true and that TwitterCut is simply a Twitter train that was a work in progress! We were not phishing twitter accounts what so ever. That login script was a script I bought for 50 dollors. I see allot of sites on twitter doing the same thing as us. Were shutting down this site. – [email protected]

If you have been to this site and gave them your Twitter login information, change your Twitter password right away.

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