Snort 2.8.1 Released

April 3, 2008 – 6:23 PM

New Additions

  • Target-Based support to allow rules to use an attribute table describing services running on various hosts on the network. Eliminates reliance on port-based rules.
  • Support for GRE encapsulation for both IPv4 & IPv6.
  • Support for IP over IP tunneling for both IPv4 & IPv6.
  • SSL preprocessor to allow ability to not inspect encrypted traffic.
  • Ability to read mulitple PCAPs from the command line.
  • Support for new CVS rule detection options.


  • Update to HTTP Inspect to identify overly long HTTP header fields.
  • Updates to IPv6 support, including changes to avoid namespace conflicts for certain Operating systems.
  • Updates to address issues seen on various Sparc platforms.
  • Stricter enforcement of shared object versions to avoid API conflicts.

Download here.

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