Phrack Issue #66 – What You Were Waiting For

June 11, 2009 – 4:40 AM

We have the great pleasure to release today another excellent selection of the best Hacking articles this year. An issue full of new exploitation techniques and ground work on writing attack software.

This issue has some evil number.. with a lot of evil content. Phrack proves once more how we can, every year, push the state of the art further its known limits. Some of these exploits articles are really innovative and we are proud to be able to release those contributions in our columns. Some others bring their values on different architectures. So, check out how to attack the Objective C runtime, the latest Linux heap allocator, the FreeBSD kernel heap management system. A special paper is the one of Black about explaining and giving more insights and code on the groundbreaking work previously released as the Malloc Maleficarum technique(s). Black did rework his article quite a lot since the first version he did, and we were impressed by the evolution. This will certainly help the younger audience to persevere in the realm of heap overflow exploitation in the most recent restrictive heap management implementations on Linux. We also have articles on alphanumeric ARM shellcode (long standing work) and exploiting the PowerCell architecture. Thats indeed a lot of exploitation.

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