Use Your Laptop Cable Locks Wisely

January 24, 2009 – 1:56 PM

We should all be using cable locks to secure our laptops when we have to leave them in a static location for an extended period of time, but do you always take the cable lock with you when you throw your laptop in your bag and leave?  Or does the cable lock remain wrapped around your desk until the next time you need it?

I see this simple mistake from time to time and wanted to remind everybody not to forget a tiny, but critical, step when they leave the cable lock unattended at their desk.  Here’s the typical process when a person leaves the office:

  1. Power down your laptop
  2. Unlock your cable lock and disconnect it from the laptop
  3. Throw your laptop in your bag
  4. Leave

Cool, right?  Wrong!  Your cable lock dials are still set to your unlock code.  I can easily walk up to your desk after you leave, look at where the dials are set and know your super secret unlock code.  The laptop, which will probably include your personal and/or company data, is now mine.  No bolt cutters required.

Please remember to randomly turn the dials of your cable lock before you leave it.  Or better yet, just take it with you.

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