Fake WordPress steals data

November 6, 2008 – 10:14 AM

Yesterday evening amid the researching the Barack related malware our friends at The Register pointed out an interesting article on Craig Murphy’s blog.

Craig talks about how when he logged in to his admin account in WordPress he received a “High Risk Vulnerability Warning” from a spoofed WordPress domain. (The last ’s’ in WordPress.org has been replaced by a ‘z’.) The Warning suggests upgrading to the ‘new’ version 2.6.4 of WordPress.

Downloading this ‘new’ version of WordPress I found that of the 638 files in version 2.6.4, 637 were identical to the same files in the official 2.6.3. The only difference was in the file pluggable.php.

The hacked version of the file pluggable appears to be stealing the content of cookies on larger installations of WordPress. Sophos are now detecting this file as Troj/WPHack-A.


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