DoS vulnerability in Sophos antivirus products

July 11, 2008 – 5:53 AM

Antivirus software vendor Sophos has reported the discovery of a DoS vulnerability in some of its products. According to the security advisory, specially crafted attachments to emails can bring down Sophos E-mail Appliance, Pure Message for UNIX and Sophos Anti-Virus Interface (SAVI). For the attack to succeed, the MIME attachment has to have a length of zero. Sophos says that only Linux/UNIX installations are affected.

Apparently, the flaw only turned up after the recent July update – signature version 4.31 and engine 2.75. The flaw has already been updated in SAVI with new virus signatures. Sophos has reactivated the old updates – 4.30 and 2.7 – for Appliance and Pure Message, respectively, and is now working to fix the underlying flaw in the engine. The vendor will then release a new update.


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