Opera Arioso!

July 8, 2008 – 7:29 AM

I’m pretty excited by Opera’s Userscripts that allow you to write Javascript files that are far richer than greasemonkey Userscripts -which is also supported by Opera- I’ve written a security plugin for Opera last night, that attempts to mitigate various Javascript attack vectors. But, one problem for writing a security plugin is that we usually need to process a script before it gets rendered by the browser. Otherwise, it is already to late to block a dangerous request or script instance. This is particularly useful to mitigate CSRF and XSS.

For instance, the Opera event listeners can process inline or remote Javascript and other page events before and after it gets executed. What a marvelous idea, I am really stunned when I read about it. It’s exactly what I wanted for Opera! It really gives absolute user control over the page. Bare with me, it is written in a couple of hours with a few ideas I had at the moment. I will be working on it some more when I find the time for it. I gave the script the name Arioso, as an appreciation for Opera.


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