Mozilla Plugin Check

October 3, 2009 – 3:03 PM

The Mozilla Firefox development team started to check the Flash plugin version of Firefox web browsers on the What’s New page after Firefox updates recently. This page would inform users if the Flash plugin version of their web browser was not the latest one which usually meant that their web browser was open for attacks that would target vulnerabilities in outdated Flash versions. The website would describe the problem to the user and offer a solution in the form of a download link to the latest Flash plugin at the Adobe website.

The idea came up to extend this check to include other popular plugins as well. A first version of that plugin checker is now online and available at a test server which can be publicly accessed by anyone.

The scripts on the page will check for installed plugins and compare the version of the installed plugin with the latest version that is offered officially by the developer of the plugin. Supported are at the moment (among others) Apple Quicktime, Shockwave Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Java, RealPlayer and Windows Media Player plugins.


Plugin Check:

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