Bogus Microsoft Update Delivers Nasty File Infector

June 1, 2008 – 8:54 AM

Even though Patch Tuesday is still two weeks from now, crimeware authors are already sending out fake Microsoft “critical updates.” The TrendLabs Content Security Team recently found a hoax purporting to be from Microsoft that urges users to update their computers due to a “critical security issue”.

The email, which has the subject heading Important update from Microsoft Windows XP/2003 Professional Service Pack 2(KB946026), urges recipients to install the latest security update to avoid a successful attack which could result in comprising therecipinets’s PC.

If the unlucky victim clicks on the file name, WINDOWS-KB946026-X86-ENU, they won’t be getting any security patch — but rather, malware detected by Trend Micro as PE_VIRUT.XZ.

PE_VIRUT.XZ is a pretty old variant that appends its code to EXE and SCR files, making a pretty big mess depending on where it is executed.

Admittedly, we have been seeing these fake security notifications for a long time (we’ve discussed this in the past here and here). But apparentlty, consumers still seem to fall for this trap anyway.

Always keep your OS, third-party applications, and other associated software updated — this is one sound piece of advice that consumers can bank on.

And also make sure to get those Windows updates only from the source, Microsoft Corporation.

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