Can’t Find Vista SP1 on Windows Update?

April 2, 2008 – 7:28 PM

Microsoft has released a Knowledge Base article to help users who are having problems getting Vista SP1 from the Windows Update site.  Here’s a list of possible causes they have come up with so far:

  • You are already running Windows Vista SP1.
  • Windows Vista SP1 has not been released for the language of the language pack that you have installed.
  • Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool is used to block the delivery of Windows Vista SP1 from Automatic Updates or from Windows Update.
  • You tried to install Windows Vista SP1, and the installation failed with a known inconsistency in the file or registry structure.
  • A hardware device driver or device software was problematic when you updated to Windows Vista SP1.
  • You have installed a prerelease version of Windows Vista SP1, and you must uninstall the prerelease version, or start with a new installation of Windows Vista.
  • You used the third-party program vLite to configure the system, and you may have removed required system components that have to be available for Windows Vista SP1 to be installed.

Click here to read the rest of this Knowledge Base article, complete with their resolutions for all of the above symptoms.

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