Inguma Released for Download – Penetration Testing Toolkit

March 17, 2008 – 5:04 AM

For those that don’t know, Inguma is an open source penetration testing and vulnerability research toolkit written completely in Python. The environment is mainly oriented to attack Oracle related systems but, anyway, it can be used against any other kind of systems.

It’s becoming a mature and useful package! I’m glad to see continued developing and especially that they are concentrating on fixing bugs and improving the modules rather than adding loads of new features and just making it worse.

In this version there is new modules added, new exploits, many many bug fixes and the enhancing of existing modules, such as the Oracle related stuff.

PyShellcodelib has been enhanced as well and now supports Mac OS X. But, for the moment, just BSD syscalls. Mac syscalls implementation is on the way. You will also notice that it is now object oriented as opposed to the previous versions.

Among with the aforementioned changes, there are 5 new Oracle modules: 4 modules for bugs fixed in the Critical Patch Update of
January 2008 and one skr1pT k1|>i3 like module for the Oracle PL/SQL gateway flaw. Give to the module the target’s address and port and run “oragateway”. The module will automagically guess the correct DAD and bypass technique. After it an SQL terminal will be opened.

The new modules added to the framework are the following:

  • nikto: A plugin that uses Nikto based databases (Thanks you Sullo!).
  • archanix: As you may imagine, it gathers information from archaic Unix services.
  • brutesmtp: A brute forcer for SMTP servers.
  • anticrypt: A tool to guess the encryption algorithm of a password’s hash. It saves a lot of time when auditing passwords.

They are also getting the documentation together (this is the first release) on the Wiki here:

You can download Inguma here:


Or read more here.


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