Cylance expands its AI-powered antivirus software to the consumer market

August 12, 2018 – 8:58 AM

The global cybersecurity market is estimated to be a $232 billion industry by 2022, up from around $138 billion last year. As such, it is brimming with well-funded startups, a number of which have elected to go public in recent months, such as Zscaler and Carbon Black. Others have been snapped up by bigger companies, including AlienVault, which was acquired by AT&T this week, and Phantom, which was recently bought out by Splunk.

Cylance is another startup that has been making big strides in the cybersecurity realm. The company recently closed a $120 million funding round, taking its total raised to around $300 million since its inception eight years ago. This also positions it well to grow its enterprise client base ahead of a rumored IPO in the not-too-distant future.

But before all that, Cylance has other plans to bolster its growth. Today, the company announced that it’s broadening its horizons to include the lucrative consumer cybersecurity market.


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