Paperspace: Your full computer in the cloud

July 5, 2016 – 4:41 PM

I’d forgotten that I signed up to test the BETA version of this service about a year ago and I finally got an invite over the weekend and started playing around with it.  VDI is not new but it’s now becoming more affordable for the consumer and they offer some really good price plans in terms of cost/horsepower.  At quick glance, the encryption and privacy looks pretty solid but I did request their official security whitepaper to take a deeper look under the hood.  Check them out if something like this looks interesting to you:

Note: I’m not looking at it right now as a secure desktop replacement, but as a cloud-based secondary desktop for various engagements that require scanning/probing from outside a firewall.  It’s also much cheaper than the alternatives and you seem get more for your money.  I’m locked into a $20/month plan right now.

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