How to turn on two-factor authentication on over 100 popular online services

June 4, 2015 – 4:31 AM

TeleSign launched Turn It On, a new campaign featuring a guide to two-factor authentication and providing step-by-step instructions for turning on 2FA for over a 100 popular social networking, banking, cloud computing and other online services that offer the 2FA option.

“The number one tip most experts give for increasing account security and stopping the fallout from data breaches is to turn on two-factor authentication,” said Steve Jillings, CEO of TeleSign. “Yet our research shows that the majority of consumers (61 percent) do not know what two-factor authentication is, even though it’s available on almost every account, free to the consumer and just waiting to be turned on.”

In an effort to bridge the gap between consumer concern and an effective and readily available security measure, TeleSign has launched the Turn It On campaign.


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