Beware: Hola VPN turns your PC into an exit node and sells your traffic

May 28, 2015 – 4:35 AM

Hola is a popular virtual private network (VPN) provider that is available for various web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as desktop and mobile operating systems.

It is free to use and if you check ratings and users on Chrome’s Web Store alone, you will notice that it is used by more than 7.1 million Chrome users currently.

Hola uses a sophisticated system to offer its services for free. Instead of routing users solely (or at all) through company servers and raking up huge bandwidth bills in the process, it is utilizing user devices as endpoints.

This means basically that any user device that Hola is running on acts as an endpoint. An endpoint is a node that is communicating directly with a target website or service that Hola users access when the service is enabled.


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