New Citadel Trojan Targets Your Password Managers

November 21, 2014 – 5:43 AM

Unless we are a human supercomputer, remembering password is not an easy task and that too, if you have a different password for every different site. But luckily to make the whole process easy, there is a growing market for password managers which provides an extra layer of protection. Wait! Wait! Seriously??

Security researchers have discovered a new variant of data-stealing Citadel Trojan program used by cybercriminals to slurp up users’ master passwords for a number of password management applications and other authentication programs, which will let you think twice before using one.

Citadel Trojan malware program has typically been used to steal online banking credentials and other financial information by masquerading itself as legitimate banking sites when victims open it in their local browser, which is also known as a man-in-the-browser attack.

The malware has previously targeted users’ credentials stored in the password management applications included in popular Web browsers, however, third-party password managers have typically not been targeted by the attackers.

But, researchers at IBM Trusteer noted that the configuration file of the notorious malware had been modified to activate a keylogger when users opened either Password Safe or KeePass, two open-source password managers. Designed to steal the “Master Password” that protects access to the database of the end-user’s passwords.


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