Facebook becomes directly accessible through Tor’s anonymity network

October 31, 2014 – 10:17 PM

Facebook has made it easier to access the social network through multiple layers of encryption and without disclosing your true location, by allowing direct access as a hidden service through Tor’s anonymity-focused browser.

Tor sometimes comes up against the security mechanisms of sites — such as Facebook and banking sites — that its users are trying to visit. Because it bounces browsing traffic between a number of nodes, so as to obscure the user’s actual location, it can sometimes display the same characteristics as techniques hackers use to hide their identity.

Working with Tor Project advocate Runa Sandvik and Steven Murdoch – the developer who originated the Tor Browser – Facebook solved the problem by creating a .onion address for the social network. These addresses can only be accessed through Tor’s network, and are often used for anonymous, hidden “deep web” services.


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