US House passes an amendment which would remove funding from the NSA’s backdoor searches

June 20, 2014 – 4:47 AM

The United States House of Representatives voted in favor today of an amendment which would cut funding to the NSA’s controversial “backdoor search” programs, which critics have long bemoaned as unconstitutional and even illegal.

The amendment, co-sponsored by reps Zoe Lofgren and Thomas Massie, sought to change a provision in the 2015 Defense Appropriations Act which would provide funding to the controversial backdooring which the NSA has installed on consumer products for years. Additionally, the amendment would remove the funding which enabled the NSA to warrantlessly search users’ personal information, which includes emails, browsing history, and chat logs.

Proponents of the amendment, like representative Justin Amash, say the bill would go a long way in slowing down what they claim to be “expansive government overreach” conducted by the NSA.


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