Fake ‘If I Die’ Facebook app kills your computer

September 13, 2011 – 6:59 PM

The premise of a new (and fake) Facebook app called “If I Die” is sweet if a little morbid: You record a video message that will be played for your loved ones after your death. As the app advertisement says: “Death can catch you anywhere, anytime. Leave your If I Die message before it’s too late.” There’s just one catch: The app is a fake, and if you download it, the only thing dying will be your computer’s security. Spotted by researchers at the anti-virus firm Bitdefender, “If I Die” harbors a nasty payload, including a keylogger that can steal passwords, emails and any other sensitive information stored on your system. The dangerous app also implants a back door, opening up victims’ computers to receive commands from remote sources such as botnets, and even can take photos from infected computers’ webcams. Downloading the “If I Die” app, Bitdefender warns, is essentially “signing the death certificate on your computer’s security.”


Admin Edit:
This article is very misleading.  The malicious app mentioned above is a fake.  It’s not the genuine “If I Die” app.  The genuine version can always be found here.

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