Crooks set cyber traps on Digg

February 11, 2009 – 11:46 AM

PandaLabs, a computer security firm, is reporting that cyber-crooks are setting traps on popular news-sharing website Digg.

Criminals pose as legitimate Digg members and then entice readers with bogus links to scintillating online video in comments posted in forums related to celebrity news, according to the Spain-based firm.

Digg is a website at which stories from throughout the Internet are gathered and then given prominence depending on votes, or “diggs,” they get from website members.

Digg members chat about stories in accompanying online forums.

PandaLabs said cyber-frauds post comments claiming to have links to video of starlets having sex or stars getting into trouble.

Those that follow such links are prompted to download software to view the promised video.

What is actually installed is a program that pretends to scan computers for malicious software, claims to find critical problems and then offers to eliminate the supposed trouble at a price.


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