Malware In E-Mail As Fake Invoices And E-Tickets

July 27, 2008 – 11:27 AM

McAfee is reporting new examples of malware distributed through e-mail in the form of UPS invoices and airline e-tickets.

The threats seem to be variants of a new downloader the company had reported on (Generic Downloader.ab, MTIS08-131-A).

The UPS version says that your last shipment could not be delivered because the address was wrong, and asks you to print out the attached invoice and bring it in to the local office to collect your package. The “invoice” of course is a malware program. The e-ticket version says that an account has been created for you and your credit card charged for the tickets. The attached invoice and e-ticket is, of course, a malicious program. One of them may have a Microsoft Word document icon.

Of course, you should always be leery of unsolicited e-mails, especially those with attachments. Keep your anti-malware up to date and it will likely block any such e-mails.


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