AVG fixes antivirus software skewing Web site statistics

July 8, 2008 – 5:57 AM

Security company AVG is upgrading a component of its antivirus software so as not to place an undue traffic load on the Web sites it scans.

The company has already released a patch for LinkScanner, part of its Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.0, and will release a patch for the paid versions of the software on Tuesday, said Lloyd Borrett, marketing manager for AVG in Australia and New Zealand.

The behavior of AVG’s LinkScanner caused much animosity toward the Czech-based company, including a Web site dedicated to the issue, despite the popularity of its free security software.

Web site owners complained LinkScanner was hitting their sites repeatedly, using up the bandwidth they paid for and causing their Web analytics programs to suddenly record high numbers of visitors. AVG acquired LinkScanner’s maker, Exploit Prevention Labs, in December 2007.


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