Internet-connected coffee maker has security holes

June 17, 2008 – 2:44 PM

An Australian man has discovered security vulnerabilities in his Internet-connected coffee maker that could allow a remote attacker to not only take over his Windows XP-based PC but also make his coffee too weak.

Craig Wright, a risk advisory services manager at professional services firm BDO, found several security holes, including a buffer overflow in the Internet Connection software that links his Jura F90 coffee maker to his PC.

Once connected to the Internet, the high-end coffee maker, which retails for nearly US$2,000 on Amazon, lets you do things like set the strength of your coffee and get remote diagnostic help over the Internet without having to send the appliance in for service. 

Wright posted the information on the vulnerabilities, and the fact that there is no patch available yet, to the BugTraq security e-mail list on Tuesday.

A U.S.-based public relations representative for the coffee maker said she would try to reach spokespeople in the Switzerland headquarters for comment.

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