BackTrack: A penetration testers toolset

June 17, 2008 – 8:02 AM

There are few job titles as misleading as that of the “Penetration Tester.” Sure, saying professional computer hacker would be more direct, but have you ever noticed how hackers seem to have a dirty mind? Why else would they want to go phreaking through backdoors?

Anyway, in order for hackers to umm…maximize their penetration; they need the right tools for the job. BackTrack is a bootable Linux CD that is the swiss-army knife of computer hacking tools. Need to crack a password or break into a wifi connection? Backtrack has the tools already configured and ready to go.

As a matter of fact, with over 250 tools to choose from, your problem will be finding the right tool for the job. We recommend a quick YouTube search for common hacking scenarios.

Backtrack is open-source, as are all the included tools. The program is completely free to download and use. Unfortunately, as with most open source software, it may be hard to find support should you experience any problems.

Now that you have the tools, be sure to use them wisely. We are sure your neighbors wouldn’t appreciate being brute forced. I am talking about their WiFi, sheesh!

Source: Download Squad

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