How to Harden Your Mac

June 4, 2008 – 9:44 AM

If you’re a quasi-sophisticated Mac user and have been looking for advice on how to better safeguard your machine from hackers or local prying eyes, look no further: Apple has released a massive, 240-page guide that describes various methods for securing the operating system.

According to, the manual includes an overview of the Mac OS X’s security architecture and advice on hardening the operating system against external attackers. It also includes information on locking down the system to protect against unauthorized access by people with physical access to the system.

Before you delve into this guide, you might want to familiarize yourself with Apple’s “Terminal,” the text-only command line interface for the Mac: The guide relies heavily on this tool, and Apple warns readers that only technically-adept users should use the guide.

Source: Washington Post Blog

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