fgdump 2.1.0 and pwdump 1.7.1 Released – Dump LanMan & NTLM Hashes

May 28, 2008 – 5:54 AM

The major change is both tools now support 64-bit targets! Good news for us.

pwdump6 is a password hash dumper for Windows 2000 and later systems. It is capable of dumping LanMan and NTLM hashes as well as password hash histories. It is based on pwdump3e, and should be stable on XP SP2 and 2K3. If you have had LSASS crash on you using older tools, this should fix that.

fgdump is a more powerful version of pwdump6. pwdump tends to hang and such when antivirus is present, so fgdump takes care of that by shutting down and later restarting a number of AV programs. It also can dump cached credentials and protected storage items, and can be run in a multithreaded fashion very easily.

I strongly recommend using fgdump over pwdump6, especially given that fgdump uses pwdump6 under the hood! You’ll get everything pwdump6 gives you and a lot more.

fgdump now has:

  • Better 32/64 bit detection. This is not as easy as it sounds, at least not remotely! If someone has a sure-fire way for 100% reliably detecting the target OS, please let me know. In the mean time, if fgdump is unsure, it will report it and default to 32-bit.
  • The -O [32|64] flag will manually override the target OS architecture. So, for example if fgdump is reporting a host as 32-bit and you KNOW it is 64-bit, you can use -O 64 (or vice-versa, of course). Note that this flag will apply to ALL hosts you are dumping! You might want to single out any hosts you need to override.

So if you’re still using pwdump…DON’T! Use fgdump.

Get pwdump here

Get fgdump here

You can read more here and here.

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