House of Hackers

May 5, 2008 – 8:53 AM

House of Hackers is an exclusive, hacker community network. The House of Hackers community is established to support the hacker culture, mindset, way of life, ideologies, political views, vision, etc.

Members of the community are able to exchange ideas with each other, communicate, form groups, elite circles and tiger/red teams, conglomerate around projects and participate in the independent, hacker recruitment market. The market is designed to provide opportunities to the House of Hackers members in a free, open and fair manner.

Hacker Recruitment Market

The hacker recruitment market is designed to provide business opportunities to gifted members of our community.

Organizations, which are looking to hire independent Information Security consultants or Tiger/Ted teams, can post a description of the job and the desired qualifications which are expected from the participants. Various groups and members can contact the publisher directly and arrange any further details between themselves.

The market is open because the better you are in what you do the more work you will be able to get and the higher profile you will eventually build. This approach allows gifted security consultants to escape from their boring everyday routine and start a new life full of excitement and new opportunities. It is needless to say that these types of services are better payed as you will be able to cut the middle man and take all the profit for yourself.

The market is open and it is only supervised by the House of Hackers board members. Fees will be accepted for each posting which will be feeded back to the community through the various funding and research programs we are planning to initiate very soon.

As you’ve probably notice, this program is at a very early stage. We will ask you to join the House of Hackers network and also spread the word by linking to this site, talking about it in blog posts showing network badges, etc. The sooner we build the community and aggregate companies to support the idea the better for you and all other members. If you want to break free of the monotony, this is your only chance. Whatever we build here it will work for you.

If you are an organization seeking to explore opportunities with the House of Hackers network, please contact us now. We can assure you that members of this network will provide far much better service then any other information security company out in the market today.


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