Common Symptoms Of A Dirty Windows Registry

April 28, 2008 – 7:05 AM

A faulty registry is something no computer owner wants to have. Unfortunately though, many of them don’t have a choice in the matter, as nearly every windows registry will receive it’s fair share of errors. “If that’s true, then what’s so bad about having a dirty registry?” Well, for starters, it can significantly decrease the performance of your PC — and in some cases, it has even been known to cause irreparable damage to some of the hardware. Having said that, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the common symptoms of a faulty registry — Either that, or prepare to spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer every single year.

There are numerous reasons why a computer may behave erratically and become unstable, and many of those reasons stem directly from windows registry issues. Below are just a few of the typical signs that should raise the “I have a faulty registry” flag.

1. Random PC Stalling: Out of the blue, your computer seems to just freeze-up, making it virtually impossible to bring up any installed applications. Seconds later, the freeze ends and everything returns to normal.

2. Sluggish Behavior: Installed applications take increasingly longer to get started. Also, programs that have already been started tend to need more time in order to finish loading — I.E. what was once 3-10 seconds is now 30-50 seconds.

3. Constant Windows Crashes: When playing a game, altering a file, or just surfing the web, the system crashes unexpectedly — usually indicated by a blue screen.

4. Application Launch Failure: Frequently used applications begin not opening whatsoever, resulting in you having to reboot the system in order to open up application or program.

5. Adding/Removing Failure: Unable to add and/or remove programs & applications without some sort of PC error occurring. More severe cases involve the computer crashing as soon as a remove and/or add command is issued.

If these symptoms have been plaguing your computer, it is more than likely that you have a faulty registry. The typical situation is that the registry is full of broken and/or obsolete entries, which makes it very difficult for the computer to access and organize things effectively. This lack of registry organization results in the unusual computer activity mentioned above, not to mention the PC’s increased sluggishness.

Luckily for you though, there is an easy way to combat these symptoms and get your computer back to it’s original, error-free condition – Computer repair software. It’s basically a simple scan that tells you what’s wrong with the registry and how to fix it. All you have to do is run the computer repair software and then follow it’s on-screen instructions to correct the errors — Bingo! No more faulty registry.

There are many sites out there that claim to have this software at a bargain of a price, with each site claiming to have the product that will instantly cure your problems. However, you need to do your research and find a site that provides you with reviews to back up these claims.

Source: Data Stronghold

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