The IronKey – World’s Most Secure Flash Drive

April 10, 2008 – 7:13 PM

The IronKey, designed to be the world’s most secure flash drive, protects your data, online passwords, and Internet privacy. Now you can safely carry your digital life with you wherever you go—with confidence and peace of mind. While it uses advanced security technologies previously only available to government agents and other secret operatives, it is simple to use and requires only a password to unlock it.

  • Military-Grade Encryption – The IronKey Cryptochip protects your data to the same level as the government’s most classified information.
  • Self-Destruct Sequence – If the Cryptochip detects any physical tampering by a thief or a hacker, it will self-destruct.
  • Online Security Vault – If your IronKey is ever lost or stolen, easily restore your online passwords from your encrypted online backup.
  • Stealth Browsing Technology – Surf the Web safely and privately through almost any network, even across unsecured wireless hotspots.
  • Self-Learning Password Management – Securely store and backup all your online passwords as you go, and automatically log into your online accounts to avoid keylogging spyware and phishing attacks.
  • Waterproof & Tamperproof – The IronKey was designed to survive the extremes and exceeds military specifications for water resistance.

1GB – $79.00
2GB – $109.00
4GB – $149.00

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