Google Maps diminishing value of homes, causing “mental suffering”?

April 5, 2008 – 10:28 AM

A couple is accusing Google of diminishing the value of their property and causing them “mental” suffering” for including their recluse home in the Google Maps Street View project. The road leading up to their house is apparently labeled “private”, something the Street View operator must’ve missed. We checked the Street View footage up to the house and didn’t notice any clear “private” signs, but don’t take our scientific analysis as fact.

1567 Oakridge Ln

They didn’t like that Google invaded their “privacy”. Some of the court papers are available online, and if you check them out, you’ll notice mainly boring gibberish but also the address of the home. Suing Google has already done more damage to their “privacy” than the pictures on their own.

Aaron and Christine Boring want at least $25,000 and the 360 degree pictures destroyed, but something tells us the case doesn’t stand a chance against Google’s well paid, state-of-the-art, corporate lawyers, which come from the best lawyer factories in the nation.

Source: Download Squad

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