Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Google

March 11, 2008 – 5:03 AM

Every time I turn around, Google‘s come up with something new, cool, or innovative. It’s no wonder it has Microsoft on the run.

Nifty Google Features

Calculate This: You can use Google Calculator to crunch numbers and figure out conversions. Try entering 12*12 and see what happens; you can also run more complex equations, like G*(6e24 kg)/(4000 miles)^2). Google Calculator handles conversions of all types, such as 3 ounces in tablespoons, 16 dollars in euros, or 19999GB to MB.

Find That Number: You can track FedEx, UPS, and U.S. Postal Service shipments just by sticking the tracking number into Google’s search field; do the same with zip and area codes, vehicle IDs, patent numbers, airplane registration numbers, and even UPC codes.

Make Me Special: Google has special search sites just for you. There’s one for Firefox users, another for Linux users, and a spot for those of you who can’t get enough of Microsoft.

Dig This: This is one flight I’m glad I missed. [Thanks to MCraig.] The other video had me going until the passengers started jumping out of the plane.

Dig This, Too: So you need to move a palm tree? Watch this safety video first. Step one: Hire a professional. [Thanks, Brad.]

Useful Google Services

Sights on Google: My buddy Leo F. sent a note asking if I wanted to create a quick Web page, or something fairly complex, with just novice skills. “Google Sites is fun to play with,” Leo said, “and even makes a useful Web page, too. Of course, it’s free.”

Ongoing Experiments: If you like poking around with Web tools, you need to explore Google Labs. For instance, Experimental Search gives you five new ways to search, each aimed at tightening and focusing on specific results.

BTW, Goog411 is a Google Labs graduate and a great service. Read about how it’s replaced traditional 411 in a blog I posted last year.

Alert Me! Google sends me an e-mail every time it sees a new occurrence of “steve bass PC World,” “steve bass PC Annoyances,” or keywords about my various hobbies and interests. If you haven’t tried Google Alerts, you’re missing out on a terrific service.

Hello, Google? If you’re using Firefox and find something cool on the Web, you can use Google Send to Phone to pass the info along to a U.S.-based cell phone. It’s a nifty service that’s really useful for, say, sending a map to a lost buddy. Check the FAQ for details.

Dig This: You may not be old enough to remember Soap, the LOL TV spoof from the seventies. So here’s a short video excerpt of “Chuck and Bob Mindreading.” [Thanks, Jon B.]

Even More Fun With Google

You probably think there’s not much more to say about Google. Nope, there’s still lots.

Start by downloading the Google Cheat Sheet, a two-page PDF with lots of valuable Google shortcuts, search and query examples, and services.

Even better is 55 Ways to Have Fun with Google, a free e-book with Google trivia, games, and nonsense, enough to kill an afternoon (I did). The more I explored, the better I liked this 228-page book. For instance, I wasted time with The Image Quiz, which has you guess the Google search term for a bunch of images. I also picked up a nifty Google magic trick, learned how to find world records, read IRC chat logs people didn’t know were public, and browsed to some very funny Google parody sites, such as UnderGoos, the underwear search site, and Cthuugle, the Lovecraft search engine.

Dig This: I always get a kick out of the way the folks at Google occasionally transform the logo to match up with the day. Here are some Google logo rejects.

Dig This, Too: What’s more interesting than a hole in the ground? Not much, you’ll think, after you take a gander at these amazing pictures.


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