Endless Gmail Accounts?

March 8, 2008 – 5:59 PM

Not really, but Gmail does offer a nice way to have as many temp accounts as you feel like creating.  This is great for registering at sites that might end up spamming you.

Let’s say I have a Gmail account of [email protected].  Gmail lets you append a “+” at the end of your username and type whatever you want after that.  So if I want to register at a questionable site, I would register the email address of [email protected] or [email protected], etc.

All of the email will go to your main account (in the case above [email protected]) no matter what comes after the “+”.

This also gives you the ability to do some pretty accurate filtering on the account too.  I’m not sure how the Gmail filtering is structured, but you could now filter out anything that includes a “+” in your username followed by any number of characters and throw them right into the trash bin.

I think this is a very cool idea and could be very useful to all Gmailers.

Way to go Google.  Once again.

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