March 8, 2008 – 2:41 PM

The DCOMbobulator does two things:

* It allows any Windows user to easily test and verify that their Windows’ DCOM system *has* been correctly patched to eliminate the serious remote exploit vulnerability which recently brought us all of the MSBlast Internet worm excitement. We have confirmed reports that Microsoft’s patch sometimes does not “take”, leaving Windows still vulnerable. The DCOMbobulator let’s anyone check any local Windows system.

* Secondly, and really most importantly, since virtually NO ONE needs (or has ever needed) to have DCOM running, the DCOMbobulator allows any Windows user to safely and easily disable DCOM and unbind it from port 135. I do a comprehensive job of this on ALL versions of Windows, so that if the Windows Task Scheduler and the “Distributed Transaction Coordinator” (MSDTC) services — which both also use port 135 — are also disabled, Windows TCP port 135 will finally be closed.)


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