AMD Speeds Turion Chips

March 8, 2008 – 4:17 PM

Advanced Micro Devices introduced two new low-power-consumption 64-bit microprocessors, the MT-37 and the MT-40, to its Turion mobile range this week.

The model names identify two aspects of the processors’ performance. The T signifies that they are part of the low power-consumption range of Turion mobile processors (components from the ML series consume more power), while the numbers signify that the processors’ computing power is at the top of the range currently on offer. AMD already offers processors with designations from ML-28 to ML-40, and from MT-28 to MT-34.

The price of the MT-37 is $268 in quantities of 1000, while the MT-40 costs $359, AMD says. The MT-28 is listed at $159 in the same quantities.

Systems Available

The processors are available worldwide immediately, and computers containing them will soon be available for delivery in North America, according to AMD.

Voodoo Computers of Calgary, Alberta, for example, is already taking orders for laptops containing the faster processors through its Web site. The Envy Featherweight a:228 model retails for $1892.82 with an MT-28 processor.

Replacing that with an MT-37 adds $230.99 to the cost, while an MT-40 adds just $222.40, according to Voodoo’s Web site.

AMD says it also expects Voodoo to offer the processors in the heavier Envy Middleweight a:538, but that model is not listed on Voodoo’s site.

Machines containing Turion mobile processors will run 32-bit versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems, but also have support for 64-bit applications, AMD says.,aid,122269,tk,dn082205X,00.asp

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