24 Microsoft products you can try for free!

March 8, 2008 – 2:05 PM

Check out the following trial versions of Microsoft products-including trial versions of the latest games, personal finance software, reference products, Web publishing tools, and more! Depending on the trial, you can choose to download the trial for free straight from the Web, or order the CD-ROM for a nominal shipping and handling fee.

Age of Empires
Spans ten thousand years, in which you are the guiding spirit in the evolution of a small Stone Age tribe. Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings
The award-winning, best-selling, real-time sequel to the original Age of Empires strategy game. Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion
Get a free taste of world domination, Mayan and Aztec style. Age of Mythology
Transport yourself to a world where heroes battle mythological creatures and gods meddle in the lives of mortals. Casino
The Microsoft Casino trial version takes you into the tropics with access to The Mirage? resort. Inside you can play either Blackjack or Video Poker, all within the excitement of The Mirage?. Close Combat III: The Russian Front
The latest in the award-winning series puts you in command in the epic Eastern Front struggle of World War II. Crimson Skies
The flight-combat game that features a fully interactive storyline right out of a 1930’s movie and an intuitive flying system that lets you command the air with ease. Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection
An original compilation of ten puzzle games. FrontPage 2002 The latest version of Microsoft’s Web site creation and management tool. Links 2003
The newest version of the best-selling golf simulator of all time. Links Extreme
A golf experience like you’ve never seen before?exploding golf balls, wandering zombies, deathmatch play, and more! MapPoint 2002
The latest version of Microsoft’s business mapping and demographic analysis software. MechWarrior 4: Vengeance 2002
are pitted against deadly enemy AI bots in a wave battle scenario. Midtown Madness
Race through downtown Chicago during rush hour! Money 2003 Deluxe
A complete personal finance solution for managing day-to-day finances, PLUS investing, financial planning, and tax savings tools. Monster Truck Madness 2
Outrageous attitude, unrestrained racing and real monster trucks for a fun and exhilarating off-road driving experience! Motocross Madness
Be the first rider out of the gate for high-flying, wheelie-riding, off-road motorbike action. Office XP 30-Day Trial
Here’s your chance to try the smarter work experience with Office XP. Includes Word 2002, Excel 2002, Outlook 2002, Access 2002 and PowerPoint 2002. Pandora’s Box
From the creator of Tetris! With hundreds of the most beautiful puzzles ever created, it’s up to you to solve them and save the world from chaos. Pinball Arcade
A collection of seven licensed tables that represent the evolution of pinball in America. Publisher 2002
This latest version of the leading business desktop publishing program. RalliSport Challenge
Experience the white-knuckle thrill of off-road, hard-driving rally action in RalliSport Challenge. Return of Arcade
Puts you in command of four hot arcade classics: Pac-Man, Pole-Position, Galaxian, and Dig-Dug. Zoo Tycoon
This place is a real zoo and you’re the one in charge! Go wild building the most fun and beautiful zoo you can imagine.

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